First Lessons learned Kit published

The Lessons Learned Kits (LLK) are collected experiences coming from previous project activities. This is to show the thought process to reach our planned outputs, but also a quich and easy overview of the background research behind the developments.

The first LLK is about:

  • The key skills of a data understanding and communication course that the research identified we need to target
  • What results are we expect from the developed course: the learning objectives. What will a learner gain by finishing our course?
  • Report on data understanding courses, national initiatives, focus groups and one-on-one interviews with experts from Hungary, Spain, Poland and Iceland.
  • Recommended readings and videos

Download the #1 LLK of DUCK here in pdf. Print if needed.

Meeting of partners in Warsaw

After the first six months of the project, partners discussed the results of the interviews with DUC experts about the state of the art of the DUC field in their respective countries and the result of a wide online survey about the need of the target group regarding a DUC course.

Partners agreed that based on the findings, the level that should be addressed by the course developed in the project will be the following:

The development of the prototype of the course has started. The first short-term staff training event – that will be held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on 8-10 October 2019 – will involve the participants in co-designing exercises of the DUCK course.

In the next couple of weeks, all participating countries will have a national focus group event where the research findings will be validated and input from the professional community to the project developments will be gathered. All results will be published in the report: Needs analysis and best practices of data understanding and communication (DUC)

This research report maps the state-of-the-art in DUC teaching methods in the consortium partner countries and at EU level:

  • critical and analytical skills needed for teachers and trainers
  • best practices of data understanding and communication teaching methods
  • Innovative teaching and training activities Toolkit

The publication is expected in September 2019.

How an ideal DUC course would look like?

Please, take our survey!

The project aims to develop a 30 hours multimedia blended course on Data Understanding and Communication (3 modules: Problem analysis, Data analysis, Data communication) to be implemented in the frame of Continuing Professional Development, Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education environments to upskill teachers and trainers (and their students) to better analyse and present data, enriching their teaching practices and their employability.

We set up a survey to see, what would constitute a useful course: what would be the most important skill to learn, which media is the easiest to use, and what learning methods teacher would prefer for themselves?

Completing this questionnaire will not take longer than 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Welcome to the DUCK project

The Data Understanding and Communication Knowledge and skills for Trainers and Teachers in VET and HE (DUCK) project aims to develop online training modules on Data Understanding and Communication to be implemented in CPD, VET and HE environments to develop the skills of teachers and trainers (and their students) of analyzing and presenting data, enriching their teaching practices and employability. Click for more details.

The project launched with the kick-off meeting held in Budapest, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (coordinator) on the 3-4 December 2018. It is a 24 months project, to be completed by October 2020. It is funded by the Erasmus+ (Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships).

Participating partners are the Warsaw University of Technology ( Poland), the Bifröst University (Iceland) and the ITC Innovation Training Center (Spain). Click for more details.