Success of the DUCK short-term staff training event in Palma de Mallorca

Teachers were trained on the research carried out, the content and  methodology planned for the Data Understanding and Communication course. Staff members from the participating institutions had long discussions on their approach and expectations on the course, the level of information and the skills it should target.

After introducing the participants to the concept and the course, the project team proceeded to introduce in detail the modules:

Problem formulation
Data analysis
Data communication

We dedicated three sessions for every module:
Introducing our concept in terms of learning objectives, methods, sample content and exercises
Workgroups: Working in 3 groups, led by ITC, BME and WUT. During this work, we had a discussion on the individual choices and recommendations for the DUCK modules.
Group presentations, joint discussion, voting on importance of skills

Participants had individual time to familiarize themselves with the skills of thge course and prepare themselves to the co-creation workshop. During these workshops, participants could try their hands in creating sector specific examples.

From these workshops we have continued with exercises and discussion regarding the DUCK repository, its role in the final output, its methodology and possible impact on the sustainability of the project results.

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