Second short-term staff training held successfully online

During the first training session in October 2019 in Palma, teachers were trained on the research carried out, the content and methodology planned for the Data Understanding and Communication course. Staff members from the participating institutions had long discussions on their approach and expectations on the course, the level of information and the skills it should target.

The second training session was held in October 2020. This event should have been held in Iceland and hosted by the Bifröst University but due to the circumstances and travel bans it has been decided to do it online via Adobe Connect, hosted by BME on October 27, 29 and 30.

Practical tasks were based on partner organisations real-life problems and cases in HE, traditional VET, CPD and adult VET situations. They also worked on possibilities and development dynamics to investigate and plan institutional embedment, scaling up and further development ideas of the topic in the respective sectors, regions and countries.

We took advantage on the group functions of the Adobe Connect so participants could form national groups and discuss their unique factors in the sustainability and use of the course. The feedback was very positive and although it was among the first experiences of organising such long training event purely online for the coordinator, participants viewed their time well spent.

We provided guidelines for all the individual and separate group work that was greatly appreciated by the participants. For further information and to show how we organised the event to balance the time and the attention span of the participants, here are the agendas for the three days and the guidelines we have used: