Learning portal

In the DUCK project a 30 hours multimedia blended course will be developed on Data Understanding and Communication, accessible through a Moodle portal, that will be linked here from December 2019.

The course will have 3 modules: Problem analysis, Data analysis, Data communication), fulfilling needs of teachers and trainers, tested in CPD adult, VET HE environment.

It aims to be universal: addressing not only teachers and trainers with science or managerial background, but instructors, experts who want to transfer those skills to their students, e.g.: to be able to work with data and think critically. The partnership is set on combining the best practices of analytical skills development and assessment with new methods of data communication and visualisation, all backed by modern research (eg. from cognitive psychology).

After the course teachers and trainers will gain:

  • Ability to define Problem: Investigate the problem in order to better understand the goals of the project;
  • Ability to state and refine the question;
  • Ability to understand inputs: Data, Concepts, Attributes, Examples;
    Ability to understand potential knowledge representations of the solution; Tables, Linear Models, Trees, Rules, Clusters;
  • Ability to get and clean data (find different file types; extract data; organize, merge and manage the data);
  • Ability to explore/understand statistics and probability;
  • Ability to understand data with visualization;
  • Ability to understand data with descriptive statistics;
  • Ability to use basic tools to analyze data;
  • Ability to interpret the results;
  • Ability to prepare presentation of results;
  • Ability to create visualisations of the results (including data  storytelling and info graphics);
  • Ability to use basic tools to present data;
  • Ability to efficiently communicate the results to target audience, with appropriate content, style and attitude.